Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another great wedding!

Last Saturday I did a wedding in Tabernash at Devil's Thumb Ranch! It was beautiful! We were expecting rain during the day, but we actually got some snow. She had arranged for a carriage ride for the ceremony and great florals to compliment the outdoor area. We thought this might not happen! We decided about 2 hours before the ceremony to go ahead with outside, since it started clearing up. Then about 15 before the wedding, it started to get gusty and sprinkling. So we quickly moved everything inside and also rearranged the room for an indoor ceremony. This made the ceremony run about 20 minutes late. But it all came together and was beautiful! And she did decided to come in the carriage - the rain held off! The ceremony was gorgeous and very personal - they both wrote vows to each other. After the ceremony, they were able to take some pictures outside - of course, the sky had to clear then!

The reception complimented the barn in every way! They personalized their reception by naming the tables after places they had visited and let me tell you, they have traveled!! I told the bride on many occasions I wanted to trade her lives so I could travel like they have. They also had pictures of their engagement pictures around - everyone especially like the one with the red barn. They have always said they want to own some land and have a red barn built - so it was very appropriate. The groom's family owns a ranch and to incorporate that aspect - they welded 3 pony horse shoes together and made it into a votive candle holder!! Awesome!!

I will post some pictures later today, but in the meantime you can look at - oh and the last picture is stunning! It was taken at night and it came out of the camera like that!

I have gotten to know this couple over the last several months and they are some of the best people you could meet. I know they are going to have a wonderful life together traveling the world!! Congratulations you two! It was an amazing wedding!