Sunday, June 28, 2009

Benefits of a Wedding Planner

The last two weekends we have had some great weddings! I will share those with you soon!

But I found an article that I wanted to share with you about the benefits of a wedding planner, click here to read about it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to fold a pocket square

At almost every wedding I am at, one of the men has a question about how their pocket square should be worn or folded. So, I decided to do a post about it! :) Hopefully this will help some guys out (do any read my blog?, I'm not sure) but if not, I'll be there to help you out!

There are several ways to fold a pocket square - some easy and some a little more difficult. I'll share several with you!

- The square fold - lay the pocket square flat, then bring the left side to the right side, bring the bottom to the top but don't fold all the way, and lastly fold the pocket in thirds so it wil fit in the pocket.

- The one corner fold - lay the pocket square in front of you so it looks like a diamond, bring the bottom point to the top point, bring the left corner to the right corner and the right corner (not all the way, just until you have a flush edge on hte left side) then the right corner to the left corner (it should end up looking like a fencepost), and lastly bring the bottom up but not all the way. Put the pocket square in your pocket and adjust for the amount of square you want to see.

- The puff fold - lay the pocket square in front of you, pinch the middle of the fabric and allow the fabric to fall naturally, grab the sqaure like you are holding flowers, then gather the bottom of the pocket sqaure and put in your pocket and lastly adjust the sqaure for the desired puffiness you want.

- The corner up fold - start just like the puff fold but instead of putting the corners in the pocket, put the puff part in your pocket. Adjust the corners how you like.

For more pocketfold info and folds, click here!

Here and here

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Website!

I have been working on a new quite site for a little while and now it is finally up!! We have a few things we need to tweek and work out but it is mostly there now! So excited! Check it out here!

Applying for a Colorado Marriage License

Part of getting ready for your wedding day includes getting a marriage license. You should get your marriage license within 30 days of your wedding day - the license is only good for 30 days.

In order to get your marriage license you need to bring the following:

- Cash (they do not take check or credit cards!) to pay for your license - $10 until July 1, 2009 when it will go up to $30

- Proof of identity and age - Driver's License, Passport, Visa, Birth Certificate, Military ID, or state issued ID Card.

- Social Security number

- Application for marriage license - information from the State of Colorado - Both male and female applicants must appear in person to complete and sign the marriage application. If one party cannot appear due to illness, is out of state, or incarcerated, he or she must obtain an ABSENTEE APPLICATION from the Clerk and Recorder’s office. The party applying must bring the absentee application along with identification for the absent party. Applicants need not be residents of Colorado. ABSENTEE APPLICATIONS MUST BE NOTARIZED.

In the state of Colorado you must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for a marriage license. If you are not 18, you must have a parent or legal guardian with you when applying (if you are younger than 16, you must also have court approval to get married).

You are not required to have a blood test done before applying.

Also, if you are divored, you must bring in the information regarding your divorce. They need quite a bit of information so it is best to bring the paperwork in with you.

You are able to get a license in any county regardless of where you live and where you are going to get married. Also, you do not have to be a Colorado resident to get a marriage license in Colroado. You are also able to solemnize your marrige, so you do not need to have a prist or judge present at your ceremony.

After you get your marriage license, you are ready to get married! Bring your license to your rehearsal and give it to your wedding planner or officiant. That way it is in safe keeping and your won't have to worry the day of the wedding!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SCE Real Wedding

Clarisa and David were married on Saturday June 6, 2009 in Colorado Springs. Clarisa and David hired me 1 month before their wedding to pull together all of the details for the day. They were married at Shove Chapel in downtown Colorado Springs. They were joined by 100 of their closest friends and family. After the ceremony, the bridal party took pictures all around downtown and then made their way to the reception location, The Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Clarisa had a lot of wonderful ideas to personalize the reception. For the place setting and meal indicators, she had rocks painted with names and chinese symbols to spell the guests names. Then for her menu card, she had a picture on one side and the menu on the other. So not only was it the menu for the night, but a great keepsake for the guests. She also had a candy buffet for her favor but included desserts from her family. For the guest book, she had a photobook made with engagement pictures. She also had a canvas and paints and asked each guest to add something to the canvas; they are going to hang it in their house. What a great idea! I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the final product but it turned out wonderful!

The reception started with a cocktail hour in the lobby area around their reception room. Next, we introduced the bridal party into the reception. Dinner was served after that. After dinner, the bride and groom arranged some entertainment for the guests and they were totally surprised. They had arranged for a group of Polynesian dancers and Chinese lion dancers to come and entertain. They had arranged this so their cultures would be represented at the reception. Both groups were amazing and put on a great show. They partied until late in the evening. It was a beautiful night!

~Clarisa and David, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. It was amazing and I wish you both the very best!~

Ceremony - Shove Chapel
Reception - Cheyenne Mountain Resort
Photographer - New Concept Photography
Videographer - New Concept
Speicality Linens - Bridal Elegance - Berry and Champagne linens, napkins, chair covers and ties
Florist - Hillside Consultants
DJ - Celebrity DJ
Favor - Candy Buffet
Polynesian Dancers - Charlene Maneafaiga
Chinese Lion Dancers - Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Monday, June 1, 2009

SCE Real Wedding

This past weekend I had the privilege to coordinate Lexi and John’s wedding in Fort Collins. They met on Semester at Sea 4 ½ years ago. The celebrated with 267 of their closest friends and family. Lexi’s family owns an architecture company in Fort Collins and they have beautiful gardens and land that surround it. That is where the couple decided to get married! It was truly stunning!

With the help of RC Special Events and Palmer Flowers, the grounds were transformed into a gorgeous wedding space. RC worked for 3 days to erect a tent and set up the grounds for this wedding. They were great to work with and I highly recommend them. The DJ was great and they kept the party going all night long!!

All in all, it was another great wedding for us!


Gown – Schaffer’s
Rentals – RC Special Events
Caterer – All Occasions Catering
Bride’s Cake – KT Martz
Groom’s Cake – Classey Cakes
DJ – Jammin DJ’s
Flowers – Palmer Flowers
Photographer – Emily McNellis Photography

Stacey and Mike Sneak Peek

Paige Elizabeth was the photographer for their wedding last here for her photographs of the wedding!

Up next...Saturday's wedding in Fort Collins!