Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What does it mean to be a wedding coordinator?

People say to me what an interesting and fun job I have...true, it is fun and interesting but it is also very, very hard at times. So, I decided to write about what it means to be a wedding coordinator and here it goes...

  • It means I don't spend a lot of weekends at home with family
  • It means I put a lot of miles on my car every year
  • It means lots of late nights
  • It means timelines, timelines and more timelines
  • It means sometimes being the bad guy
  • It means doing things you might not always want to do (climbing on ladder to hang things or taking down lights when you are scared to death of heights)
  • It means carrying lots of heavy boxes
  • It means you have to get a new computer and phone every couple years
  • It means you are at someone's beck and call for one day
  • It means being your bride and groom's advocate
  • It means being a problem solver
  • It means taking phone calls at any time of night
  • It means eating a box lunch when everyone else has steak
  • It means not dancing at a wedding (when you really want too)
  • It means buying expensive shoes so your feet don't hurt
  • It means cleaning up at the end of the night when you are so tired
  • It means doing the little things that no one will notice but you will
  • It means doing things that others might get recognition for
  • It means handling emergencies as they come about
  • It means thinking on your feet
  • It means time away from my family and friends
  • It means stress!!!

But it also...

  • It means you get to help people with one of the most important days of their lives
  • It means you get to witness some incredible moments
  • It means you get to think about your husband and your wedding vows at each wedding
  • It means you get to cry tears of joy with your bride before she walks down the aisle
  • It means you get to work with some AMAZING people
  • It means you get to visit some pretty neat place

And getting an email like this...


I really can't find a word to describe how incredible the wedding was and how incredible it was to have you running the event. You really did a phenomenal job. As the groom I really didn't think I would personally need to call on your services, how wrong I was and how happy I am you were there. For those directly involved withthe wedding I have received nothing but positive comments on how great it was having you take charge and keep everything moving smoothly...not a single problem or hickup. Thank you so very much, yes I know we "paid" you for your services however sometimes when you contract for a service to be performed you get exactly what you paid for, with you we received so much more. You are a wonderful, professional, thoughtful, and extremely complete coordinator. I will certainly brag about you andthe job you did. If I hear of anyone getting married you best believe I am going to recommend you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made our day a fairytale come true."

...makes it all worth it!! I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love and meet some great couples. Yes, it is hard and yes, I do miss my family. But I love this too!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Featured Wedding on Budget Savvy Wedding

I didn't realize how long it has been since I blogged last...I guess that's what happens when you have 7 weddings in one month!! But the good news is that now I have a ton of weddings to blog about. So I promise I will try to be better at blogging!

Anywho, I got an email that said one of the weddings I did was featured on Budget Savvy Bride. Can you get what wedding it was? Let me give you some hints...

  • It was a July wedding.
  • The colors were green, black and yellow.
  • It rained.

Anyone, anyone??

It was Katy's and Bryan's wedding at the Hudson Garden and Space Gallery!! Katy did an awesome job on her wedding and we were so happy to be a part of it. To see the write up on it, click here. Here is our blog post about it too. Congrats again guys!!