Monday, January 12, 2009

Petal Talk

Our new series is going to be talking about different kinds of flowers for your wedding. We are starting this series with the most popular flower: the rose!

Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose figures into many myths and fairy tales. Romantic writers and poets have used the rose as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, passion, and true love throughout the ages.
The rose is far from boring, particularly when it comes to color, as the rose is available in solid colors and bicolor varieties.
There are striped roses and tipped roses as well. More than three thousand varieties of roses are grown commercially, with many being available all year-round.
Though roses are associated with luxurious fragrance, not every rose is scented.
There are three main types which are likely candidates for your wedding flowers:
• Hybrid Tea Roses - the classic, uniformly-shaped commercial roses generally seen at your local florist.
• Spray Roses - a rose with five to 10 small heads on each stem and a "natural, garden-grown" look.
• Garden Roses - expensive, old-fashioned varieties with bushy, open heads and delicious scents.