Thursday, October 2, 2008

Top Trends of 2008

I found an interesting article about the top wedding trends of 2008 and thought I would share!

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2008

1. Color
Forget the pale pastels! 2008 is all about bright colors, especially yellow. Yellow is an ideal wedding color because it is fresh, energetic and cheery. Lemon yellow can be paired with Chocolate Brown or a brighter shade of yellow can be paired with silver or gray. Bright dual combinations are also hot this year. Chocolate with Pink, Aqua with Brown, Red with Light Blue, Yellow with Orange, and Pale Yellow with Dark Purple are among the favorites.

2. Letterpress Wedding Invitations
This seemingly old-fashioned form of printing is a hip and trendy look for today's modern couple. Letterpress is a printing technique that stamps ink into paper using raised lettering. High quality inks and papers are used to create a lush look. This makes any invitation an instant keepsake.

3. Green Weddings
Many couples are looking for ways to give back to the environment by having eco-friendly weddings. Consider invitations made from recycled paper, gowns made from 100% silk or cotton, wedding rings with conflict-free diamonds or made from recycled gold, serving organic or vegetarian foods at the reception and having your wedding in natural settings (parks, beaches, backyards, etc.). With the rising number of second weddings and later-in-life marriages, many couples are asking guests to donate to charitable organizations in lieu of gifts.

4. Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes
Forget the round layered cake...think square, octagonal or mixed shapes. One of the biggest trends for 2008 is the use of a monogram or calligraphy text on your cake. Words such as Love, Always, Forever, Honor are popular words when choosing calligraphy text.

5. Guest Participation
Let your guests feel as if they had a part in planning your wedding. Create a blog or wedding web site where guests can participate in polls to vote on your wedding cake flavor, the entrees, favorite song for the couple's first dance, the type of reception music, etc. Revealing their selections at the reception adds an extra level of fun and excitement.

6. Lots of Personalization
Create a unique monogram design or use your first names and wedding date to personalize your wedding invitations, napkins, coasters, cups, glassware, thank you notes, and wedding favors. Putting your 'stamp' on everything is not only very trendy, but very personal.

7. Entertainment
If you can afford it, consider hiring a live ethnic or cover band for your reception. Latin and Mariachi bands are a real hit and inspire festive dancing.

8. Food Stations
Forget the sit-down dinner or buffet. People like to graze, so consider setting up food stations around the reception room. Each station can have a theme -- sushi bar, fondue station, dessert station, etc.

9. Clever Wedding Favors
Hand out favors that not only practical, but useful. Consider personalized playing cards, ink pens, bookmarks, or coasters. Since eco-friendly weddings are in style, consider eco-friendly favors, like soy candles and wildflower seeds. If you still want to hand out the traditional almonds and chocolates, consider putting them in gift boxes made from recycled materials.

10. Wardrobe Changes
Gone are the days when the bride has only one look for her wedding day. Today's bride can have one look for the ceremony, and a fun, laid back look for the reception.

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