Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Around the Blogging World...

I love to look at photography blogs...wait wait let's be honest, I think I have an obsession with them! They are so inspirational and I love to see all of the new ideas. I wish I could take pictures like some of these photographers. They are amazing!!! I have more photographer blogs in my reader than anything else...well maybe...I have quite a few cooking/baking ones too! Check them out!

Becky Young Photography

Bobbi + Mike

Elegant Images

Enoch Photography

Jessica Claire

Jasmine Star

Julie Harris

Jenna Walker

Kristen Leigh Photography

Bauman Photographer

Jennifer Creed Photography

Dawn Gioia Photography

Kelli Nicole Photography

Revert Imaging

Susan Pacek Photography

Paige Elizabeth

Autumn Burke

Real Photography

Anna Lynch McClary Photography

Brinton Studios

IN Photography

KB Photography

Laura Dombrowski Photography

Lindsay B Photography

Ardent Photography

Zorn Photography

Karie McLain Photography

Jason G Photography

Hardy K Photography


Black Forest Photography


Hopefully you have some time on your hands to read these...well even if you don't you should still check them out!!
I think I have listed enough for now...and I still have more! I will do another one soon!


Dawn Gioia Photography said...

Holla! I made the list! You rock!