Monday, April 5, 2010

Safety First

I think it is very important to be prepared for any situation...especially at a wedding. I try to have whatever I need on hand. My emergency kit is well stocked at all times and I always have it with me. But what if something unexpected happened...say a groomsmen fainted or someone had a heart attack? What happens then?

Well in an effort to be as prepared as possible, last Friday I renewed my CPR and First Aid training. My certification is through the American Heart Association and it is good for 2 years (it was due to renew in August, but hello we know how busy it is then). It also includes training on an AED (It was a 10 hour day, but so well worth it). I had some excellent teachers and had the chance to perfect my technique. I am so blessed to have had the opporunity to take this course - you never know when you will need it and I think everyone should have this training.

So now I can truly say I am prepared for ANY situation...well, at least I think I am! Are you interested in taking a course? Click here to find out when and where a class is happening in your area.
Have a great day and stay safe!

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