Saturday, July 11, 2009

Napkin Folds

I was recently at a tasting at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. We were discussing table settings and napkin fold. The Broadmoor staff had folded several different folds for us to view and choose from. The bride questioned if there were more and the catering manager and I both stated there were several more! She wasn't quite sure about any of the folds...

Needless to say, she did not make a decision that day about what kind of fold she wanted. So I put together an email for her, so show different kinds of folds. Why not share it here as well?

Before you settle on a specific fold, make sure your catering company or staff is able to do the specific fold. Furthermore, make sure they are willing to follow through with your special request. Some places and companies may not be able to due to staffing and time constraints. If your caterer is not able to comply with your request, you can always see if your wedding coordinator is able to fold them for you. If you want something more than a traditional fold, ask first. Then start to look for a fold you like. If you do it reverse, you might end up disappointed.

Below are several different kinds of folds...what are you doing for your wedding?

The Lily Goblet
The Rosebud

The Crown

The Pyramid

The Diamond

The Rose

The Double Fan

The Ship
Bishop's Hat

Double Roll
(we recently did this at a wedding, click here to see the pictures)
Menu Fold

The Knot

PS. She ended up choosing The Diamond Fold! :)

Happy Planning!!

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