Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Trends of 2010

As 2010 begins, everyone is looking for what will be hot this year. Here are a few things I have seen around the internet and heard from other planners.

  • Keep an eye on details
  • Birdcage Veils
  • Mismatched bridesmaids dresses
  • Home weddings - backyard weddings, intimate settings and smaller guest lists
  • Buttercream for your cake instead of fondant
  • Personalized appreciation - have a favor or an out of town bag for your guests
  • Nearby destination weddings
  • Colors - monochromatic palattes, vibrant colors (pink, orange, green) and metal colors (gold, silver, bronze and pewter); black will also remain a trendy color
  • Greener weddings - make you wedding more eco-friendly
  • Landscape centerpieces
  • Amazing Dances - we have all seen the show "Rock My Reception", your guests love to see something unexpected and something that shows off who are as a couple
  • Knee length (or shorter dresses) for the bride
  • Shorter cocktail hour - think 30 minutes cocktail "hour"
  • Humerous photography - yes, you can still all of the traditional shots, but why not have some fun? The day is about fun, right?
  • Sharing your wedding on social media - how could this not be a trend?
  • Seeing each other prior to the ceremony
  • Individual cakes for your guests - love this idea! Can I get one too? :)
  • Wedding Website
  • Photo Booth - make sure to have a lot of props on hand!!
  • Capture the moments - spend money on good photographers and videographers

But whatever you end up doing for your wedding day, make sure that it is YOU! Make sure it feels right to you and that you aren't doing it just because it is trendy. Your wedding should be about the two of you, as a couple. Always keep that in mind.


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