Friday, February 19, 2010

{my life}

In an effort to post more about myself, instead of just weddings, I am going to try to give you a little glimpse into my life. Hopefully this will enable you to know more about me and my family. So here we go!!

Sunday was Valentine's Day and we made special food for our little girl every meal that day - heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped peanut butter and jelly and heart shaped grilled cheese. For the rest of the week, she has been asking for everything to be served in heart shapes...cheese, apples, quesadilla, crackers...anything and everything. Unfortunately, I don't have a really small cookie cutter heart so some things she had to eat in the shape they come in.

My husband and I have been enjoying watching the Olympics. It also means we have been very sleepy this week. Our favorites have been the half pipe competitons. As a snowboarder myself {and not very good, if I may add}, I cannot believe some of the tricks they are pulling out. I don't think I could ever ever do any of the tricks they are doing - let along make it to the edge of the half pipe without falling. It is amazing!

I love to bake, and I mean love it! I don't bake too often because they end up going to waste {we aren't huge into cookies and cakes}. So when I have the opportunity to bake for other people, I take full advantage of it. This week, I need to bake some cookies and I decided I was going to do sugar cookies. I also decided I wanted to frost them in a way I have never tried - flooding. My obession, yes obession, with this type of icing came from a blog I follow called Bake at 350. She has some AMAZING cookies on the site. Anyway, I used her cookie and icing recipe and I think they came out great - at least for a first attempt. I was pretty impressed with myself. After reading some of the comments on her blog, I was scared about icing them. It seemed like the littlest thing could throw them off - temperature, humidity or overbeating. Luckily, I seemed to dodge all of these. Although I could use some more practice. Below are some pictures of my creations!

My little one helping me rolls out the dough...
The outline...

The finished product!