Monday, March 16, 2009

Small Budget?

I happen to love working with super small budgets because I see it as an opportunity to become really creative. I love creating events that are different and distinctive – not the same ol’ thing. Yes, it’s much easier to do a wedding with a couple that has no budget because they can have whatever they want. But, a great wedding on small budget? Now that’s a thing of beauty. Here are some great money saving ideas:

1. Get rid of the wedding party. It’s amazing how much a wedding party can add to a budget. If anything, have a maid of honor and best man and leave it at that. If you have 20 good friends that you want to participate in your day – invite them. Just being invited is an honor in itself. You can also choose people to participate in the ceremony/reception – hostesses, readers, guest book attendants, etc.

2. Hire a planner with professional friends in the industry. Yes, its extra money in the outset, but a creative planner will be worth their weight in gold. He/she will help you develop your theme and direct you to the best possible people. Planners know who to go to, and often times will have friends willing to help you out! What’s better than that?

3. Think of different themes like… Dessert only reception, Italian bistro, funky 50’s diner theme, or an evening at the theatre with hors d’oeuvres. These types of themes can be fun to plan around, allow you to stay within budget and make for some interesting food and d├ęcor. Plus, you guests will talk about it forever because it’s not the same ole’.

Now, let’s talk about a couple of pitfalls that plague couples with low budgets.

1. Hiring friends. Family and great friends are wonderful. It’s wonderful to have people who love you and want the best for you. But my opinion is that weddings are very special events that require professionals who know the procedures to make the event successful. Also, what might happen to your relationship if something doesn’t go right? I tell my brides, you want a vendor you can get mad at, make sense right?

2. Trying to stretch a budget to create an event like some other person on the knot or Not being open and able to change the “mindset” is disastrous. Be open to different ideas, and different ways to do things.