Monday, March 9, 2009

Wedding Colors

One of the objectives when starting to plan your wedding is to decide on a theme or think about some colors you would like to include in your wedding. This is a very important task because it sets the mood of your wedding and is incorporated into many aspects of the wedding, from bridesmaids dress to escort cards to favors to ribbon on your bouquet.

Some things to keep in mind with your wedding colors are:
- What time of year am I getting married?
- Which color would I like to do accents with and which one is my main color?
- Where are we getting married?
- Do we have a theme we want to try to include?

Wedding colors change many times and that is ok! Make sure the colors represent what you want to portray for your wedding. To get some ideas for colors, I suggest going to a hardward store and pick out some paint swatches. You can pair different colors together and find great combinations. You can also go here, this is another great way to find some interesting combos! Happy Planning!