Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful Day Nine

Today I am thankful for...

I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to have another try.  To have another chance to do it again and learn from my first mistake.  I am so so thankful that I have been willing to give second chances to others - to let them learn and grow and give them another chance.

We aren't perfect, we are going to make mistakes and if we are given another chance, my hope is that you truly understand and take advantage of what you are given.  There are times where you only get one shot and wish you could have a redo, but you are not able to. 

As I grow and learn, I have tried to take advantage of the first chance I get - to act like I may not get another shot at this.  To take advantage of each opportunity the first time it comes around, because it may never come around again.

A second chance is giving someone that has disappointed you in the past an opportunity to - hopefully - not disappoint you again.  It takes courage and faith to give someone another chance because they may just end up disappointing you again.  By giving someone a second chance, it tells a lot about the kind of person you are.  They allow us the opportunity to show compassion and kindness, the opportunity to demonstrate our trust and confidence in others.

Is there is a person in your life that deserves a second chance? 

Today, I am thankful for second chances.
Goal: To give someone in my life a second chance.